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Hi folks,

After much angst and even more procrastination, I am going to begin a blog here. I have minimal exposure to blogs, and little understanding of what my audience would like to hear, so please expect some rambling, scattered thoughts, incoherent direction, and mild-to-severe profanity. Feedback would be greatly appreciated, as it will help sculpt the purpose and direction of my blog posts. Eventually, and hopefully, the blog will be something I can be proud of and you can look forward to reading.

Let me forewarn that I am a stubborn, opinionated oaf, and at times I’m unable to remain neutral on matters that have deep importance to me. I will try to remain objective, but I expect there will be times when my opinions and worldview are exposed, and they may conflict with your own. That is OK- we all have traveled different paths from diverse perspectives, and it is fine to disagree… as long as I’m right in the end. Furthermore, I envision a blog that isn’t constricted by simply technical tutorials, but is rather a blend of photography tips, travel essays, personal thoughts, journal entries, and, as mentioned, vulgar profanity. I would also love to respond to your suggestions and comments, so if there’s a topic you would like me to discuss, please let me know! I would really like to involve you in this blog. By interacting with you, it will be more inspiring for me to continue writing blog posts, whereas if I don’t receive any feedback, I’ll bore myself to death. You can either contact me through this website, or through my Facebook page.

Also worth mentioning in this introduction to my blog, is that I am not a full time photographer. I have a full time day job in the travel industry developing tour itineraries. Some of my travels are thus business trips, and I expect this will come up from time to time in my writing... mostly when I bitch about not having any time to photograph in a once-in-a-lifetime destination.

Lastly, I am always learning about photography, further developing my skills, and will be candid about my own learning process and shortcomings. My technical skills are adequate, but a far cry from mastery. I also don’t have a focused niche in my photography, (virtually all professional photographers greatly recommend finding a narrow niche), and at this stage of my life I don’t care that my portfolio is scattered—I enjoy landscape photography, astrophotography, wildlife photography and travel photography. Most of all, I enjoy art. Perhaps that makes me a jack of all trades, master of none, but I already told you I’m a stubborn oaf and I’ll do what I want. So, let me fumble around and make mistakes left and right, I’ll learn from each one. Mistakes are not mistakes, they are lessons. Part of this blog journey will be learning together, making mistakes together, overcoming challenges together, achieving together- an open collaboration between you and I, and we can watch each other evolve in photography and life!

At the end of the day I only hope you take something positive from what I have to say, and find the content worthy of your valuable time. It means the world to me that there are a number of people besides my mom that enjoy my photography. I’m flattered that you enjoy my work, I’m honored to share my experiences with you, and humbled at the amount of growing support I find in both friends and strangers.

So concludes my first blog post! Too long? Too short? I have no clue!

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